What! A marketing and advertising person that will actually guarantee results!

Yes it’s true.

When I was selling radio advertising, I learned from my clients that all they wanted was results. They didn’t care about the station or the listeners or how I ‘believed’ I could get them great results. They would tell me how frustrated they were by all the advertising and marketing people promoting their medium and their numbers. None of them were willing to put their own neck on the line.

So when I decided to start Ethos Marketing, my first and foremost strategy was to guarantee the results of my services. If I am going to ask someone to pay me a handsome price for my services and spend good money on my concepts then I better be able to back it up. So I came up with the Ethos Guarantee:

If the fit is right, Ethos Marketing will help you make more money, in profit, than you pay for our services, or you get your money back.

It’s that simple.

However, I only work for businesses that already have a distinct advantage and want to maximize their marketing dollar, or they’re willing to change their strategy to become unique and better.

If you think you and your business fit, call me today to schedule a no-risk consultation. 717-215-1818


Bill Bonney, Principal


“I really appreciate your help over the last several months.  Your dedication and commitment to my business is incredible.  I have been very pleased with your work.  I look forward to continuing to work with you.  I would recommend you to anyone trying to improve their communication and marketing.  (and you can quote me on that!”

-Dr. Julie Neidwick, Madeira Chiropractic

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