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"Freestyle volleyball is the art of self-expression using a volleyball" 

Our mission is to encourage good health, exercise and social connections through a community of "Freestylers" who share their volleyball skills in videos, pepper games and skills contests.  


Freestyle Volleyball is a proud supporter of Special Olympics. 

We raise money through our social channels and events.

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"Pepper" is a game where two (or more) players volley a ball back-and-forth without letting it touch the ground.  That's it!  Everyone can play!  And it can be a lot of fun for all ages and skill levels.  It can be a casual, fun pepper session at a super cool place, or a hyper competitive "Pepper Contest" where teams are judged for excitement and skills.  







We're starting to run some Fundraising Events for Special Olympics.

Events may include:

Pepper Contests, Pepper Challenges, and other skills games. 

Pepper Contest | Pumpkin Contest



October 2023

Compete with freestylers all over the world for the most exciting pepper session! 


The game starts with the first hit and ends when the ball touches the ground.

Post your videos on our Facebook Group Page for a chance to be highlighted on our social pages and this website.

December 2023

Remember, a "Pumpkin" is a ball that doesn't spin after being hit. 


It doesn't happen often, so it's always a thrill when it does. 


It happens mostly on "hand-setting"  but can happen after any hit.  For example, a "Pumpkin" after a bump hit is called a "Bumpkin."

You can play "most in a row" or most in 30 seconds.  

So show us your "pumpkins!" Play alone, or with a partner where you can set back-and-forth. 

Post your videos to our Facebook Group Page for a chance to be highlighted on our social pages and this website.

September 2023

Look for video contests on our Social Media. Winners get highlighted on our other pages.

January 2023

The "Pumpkin Contest" is just the start. Join our Social Media for new games and contests.


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